Our brands

DENTSPLY Implants – the new powerhouse in implant dentistry, the company that offers world’s leading dental implant systems (XiVE, ANKYLOS, ASTRA TECH) with more than 25 years of experience in the market and numerous clinical documentations. (Germany)

Geistlich Biomaterials – Worldwide leader in biomaterials (bone and soft tissue regeneration) (Switzerland)




Bredent HELBO – the modern dental treatment technology, therapy with HELBO cold laser for minimum/non- invasive therapy in dentistry. (Germany)

Septodont – The World leader in dental anesthetics, with over 80-year dedicated to innovative product development and manufacturing, Septodont has gained the trust of dentists all over the world. Septodont's products are marketed exclusively to the dental professionals in local anesthesia, endodontics, restorations, periodontics, oral surgery, hygiene and profilaxis. (Made in France)

Ustomed Instrumente – leading German Dental Instrument manufacturer with an international experience in the field of dental and medical devices, and has a long family tradition going back to 1843. Supported by close cooperation with dental surgeons, periodontists, implantologists, oral and maxillo-facial surgeons, orthodontists as well as many international opinion leaders from across the globe, USTOMED Instrumente  has succeeded in performing a complete range that satisfies all requirements and can be applied in all concerned fields. (Germany)